2020 Year in review


As we wrap up yet another year, we cannot help but look back at some of the 2020 highlights: our return to the Lineapelle fair, our cultural patronage, the craftsmanship of the tanning process and a new haute couture collection. We have compiled below a list of the articles that have been written about our work globally.

An intense year is drawing to a close for Superior. Just 12 months ago we looked forward to 2020 with the Leather in Art Experience event, inviting the LVMH group and the maison Chanel to discover the classicist roots of leather tanning through an exclusive itinerary inside the Uffizi Gallery. This year our tannery got off to a roaring start, with many initiatives in the pipeline, and continued to invest in research and development despite the suspension of major fashion-related events due to the ongoing health emergency. 

The principles of sustainability, elegance and product quality continue to guide us into the future, to meet the needs of luxury maisons even in these particular times. It is no coincidence that the CEO of Superior, Stefano Caponi, is among the 100 top Italian managers identified by Forbes in 2020. In a year that is complicated at a global level and which presents us with new challenges to face, our tannery has continued to make people talk about it.

“Superior, when leather becomes art” – A&F La Repubblica – 02/03/2020 (PDF- ITA – 642 kb)
“Top Managers” – Forbes – October 2020 (PDF – ITA – 135 kb)

Lineapelle 2020

Lineapelle Milan, the last major trade show in the fashion industry before the spring lockdown, took place on February 19-21, 2020. Conceria Superior participated in the long-awaited event with a new, sustainable stand by AquiliAlberg Architects, showcasing two collections: Spring Sorbet leathers, poetic and feminine, and Intense Vibration leathers, more fashion and rock.

“Superior grows between innovation and sustainability” – MF Fashion – 19/02/2020 (PDF – ITA – 430 kb)
“Conceria Superior, at Lineapelle with new collections and a green vision” – Pambianco – 03/2020 (PFD – ITA – 480 kb)

The results of historical collaborations

During the year 2020 the media have still found space for the virtuous collaborations that our tannery has woven over the years in the name of environmental sustainability and experimentation of new languages.

Two stand out, the showroom in Milan designed by AquiliAlberg Architects and the capsule collection of carpets designed together with Illulian.

“Conceria Superior down the road to Castello Sforzesco” – Fashion – 07/01/2020 (PDF – ENG – 174 kb)
“Interni” – May 2020 (PDF – ITA – 108 kb)

The restoration of the monastery of S. Cristiana

Conceria Superior has financed the restoration of some indoor sections of the Augustinian Monastery of S. Cristiana in Santa Croce sull’Arno, where our company is based. A commitment to our community that gave back to the city a piece of its history. All this, also thanks to the employment of local artisans in response to the difficulties generated by the Covid-19 emergency.

“Conceria Superior invests in the cultural heritage of its local community” – Crisalide Press – 17/04/2020 (web – ITA)
Solidarity saves the monastery” – Il Tirreno Pisa – 18/04/2020 (PDF – ITA – 163 kb)
“Restoration works at the monastery, local craftsmen at work” – La Nazione Pontedera – 22/04/2020 (PDF – ITA – 284 kb)

Back to handmade and tailor-made leathers

Taking up the new challenge imposed by the health emergency, in September 2020 Superior launched the FW 21-22 collection: mini-samples of leathers created to measure and presented directly to the fashion maisons. In this haute couture-style elaboration, the concept of “Back to handmade” was crucial, enriching the classic look of the leathers with effects given by precise steps of craftsmanship.

“Haute Couture style” – Ars Sutoria – 09/2020 (PDF – ENG – 142 kb)
“Conceria Superior towards tailor-made” – MF Fashion – 24/09/2020 (PDF – ITA – 157 kb)
“Conceria Superior presents the pre-collection in couture mode” – Pambianco News – 07/09/2020 (web – ITA)