A journey into the classic roots of Italian tanning industry with Leather in Art Experience


Superior invited the LVMH group and Chanel to discover the classical roots of Italian and Tuscan tanning with Leather in Art Experience: an exclusive journey inside the Uffizi Gallery.

This autumn, Superior decided to pay homage to the classical roots of the Italian tanning industry through an exceptional cultural experience. On October 23 and December 11 2019, the Uffizi Gallery opened its doors to Leather in Art Experience, an exclusive itinerary linked to the representation of Italian and Tuscan tanning in art.

On these two invite-only dates, the guests of Superior, the LVMH group and the maison Chanel, along with some journalists and the town councillor Tommaso Sacchi visited the exhibition at the Uffizi Gallery. A selection of works of art related to the Italian tanning industry, including masterpieces such as the Medusa by Caravaggio, the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello and the Primavera by Botticelli were included in this unique display. 


Our Femme leather, soft and almost fluid-like, paired with the bookbinding hold by San Pietro in the ‘Polittico di Badia’ painting by Giotto.

All the paintings showcased in the Leather in Art Experience exhibition depict leather accessories: shoes, bridles, bags, shields and flasks, which reflect what was in fashion at the time. An unparalleled insight into the tanning industry’s heritage in Italy, one of incredible artistic and historical significance. The exhibition also referenced the SS2021 collection that Superior just presented in Paris, at Blossom Première Vision.


Our Claire leather, vintage-looking, irregular and unpolished, paired with the leather shield in the ‘Medusa’ painting by Caravaggio.

“Leather In Art Experience” – explained the CEO of Conceria Superior Stefano Caponi – “is a project we’re particularly proud of, a unique journey into the ever-evolving tanning industry, from ages past to today’s modern challenges, including that of sustainability.”

The Italian tanning industry and even more so the Tuscan leather tanning industry, are the direct heirs to a legacy rooted in excellence, whether it concerns the technological development of leather, the quality of the finished product or innovation. A tradition that Superior renews every day with the same spirit: because even the processing of leather is an art


Featured on the cover: our Storm leather, rounded and sturdy, paired with the bridles in the ‘Battaglia di San Romano’ painting by Paolo Uccello.