The Superior Tannery inaugurates a new Showroom in Milan


The Superior Tannery is about to open a brand-new Showroom in Milan, in Via Quintino Sella 3, just a few meters away from the Sforza Castle. The inauguration of the new space, designed keeping always in mind the idea of the sustainability, will be December 5, 2018, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

The  new Showroom in Milan, not far from the Sforza Castle, is a modern and elegant space, designed to be the  permanent exhibition of the best Superior leathers and at the same time a welcoming and sophisticated place where to receive our customers in the Italian capital of fashion.

Like the stand recently set up for the latest edition of Première Vision, the Showroom follows in its architecture the principles of sustainability of which Superior is a leading advocate. The international firm AquiliAlberg Architects, involved also in the construction of the stand, has taken care also of the renovation project of the new showroom space.

The principles underlying the project remain the same and are very precise; in addition to the concept of sustainability, a central concept for the Superior Tannery, the evocative and emotional element is also essential. Once again, the concept starts from the leather and its soft, flowing and undulating forms. The interior walls of the showroom reflect these characteristics with their design, made of 100% reclaimed aluminium, a modern insert that enhances the elegance of the historic interior of the building which the Showroom is found.

The sinuous movement of the aluminium strips creates light and shadow effects, of fullness and emptiness. Between the bands of the structure, hang the golden hooks to which the exposed leathers are hung: from the classics of the Superior production up to the most fashionable products, passing through the most current collection. In this way, the new showroom of the Superior Tannery becomes the meeting point between elegance, luxury, and sustainability: the same qualities that characterize its leather.

Superior Showroom
Via Quintino Sella 3,
20121, Milan
Inauguration: Wednesday 5 December 2018 from 6:30 pm to  9:30 pm

The renderings of the Showroom are made by AquiliAlberg Architects Studio.