FW21-22: introducing “Back to Handmade”, our made-to-measure collection


Conceria Superior launches the new FW21-22, “Back to Handmade”, which celebrates the craft that gives character and uniqueness to any of our leathers.The collection includes mini-samples, made-to-measure for luxury fashion houses.

Conceria Superior presents its new FW21-22 collection in an “haute couture” way: a different choice, dictated by the times, which takes into account the current Covid-19 phase. Despite the cancellation of the September edition of Première Vision, and despite the revisions to the exhibition calendar for 2020, our tannery confirms its excellence once again. Innovation, product, and customer service are three key areas for us. For this reason, we have developed a strategy not to miss the FW21-22 season: a collection of mini leather samples created ad hoc and presented to the individual maisons, following their requests. 

Our new sartorial collection follows the philosophy of “Back to Handmade”. It introduces a new 4-color palette: miel (goose beak yellow), ebony (very intense chocolate), deep carmin (intense carmine) and dauphin (cyan blue with shades of gray) with a bronze contrast color, very intense, warm and scintillating. The look of our FW21-22 leathers is achieved in 4 phases

  • Conditioning. We spray water on the leathers to create moisture, this helps with the Ironing phase.
  • Ironing. A very delicate phase that helps refine the grain.
  • Dabbing. By applying diluted aniline, our expert staff creates shading effects on the grain of the leather to obtain depth and transparency.
  • Palmellato. Through a cork palmella, expert hands can create movement on the grain of the leather to give specific characteristics.

In addition to what mentioned before, our FW21-22 collection also features certain Superior’s classics: calfskins like Vittoria, Brise, Lady Plongé, Femme, Philadelphia, Levanto and Avenue; half calfskins like Galles, Essenza, Old School and Raffaello; classic calfskins such as Atena, Brezza, Dan, Giove, Papier and Glass. 

The collection also includes some fashion pieces, like the range of bright leathers that reference the 70s and 80s for colors and textures. Bold but not too daring, these leathers too benefited from the exceptional craftsmanship that distinguishes our tannery and our “Back to Handmade” philosophy.