Phase 2, Superior resumes production of fashion leathers


Superior resumes its production of fashion leathers after Italy’s Covid-19 lockdown. Fluidity and softness, delicate and r’n’r colours, the depth of the water and vintage textures as inspiration: here’s our SS2021 collection.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Conceria Superior restarts production as Phase 2 unfolds. After a thorough sanitation of its premises, our tannery has reopened some of the its departments already on 27 April, in order to be able to start up again from 4 May, as stated by the law decree.

Work starts again where it had stopped because of the lockdown: the production of leathers for luxury fashion, in which Conceria Superior stands out for its manufacturing quality. Among these, the new Spring Summer 2021 collection, previewed at Blossom 2019, Première Vision Paris 2020 and Lineapelle Milan 2020. An elegant collection, inspired by different emotions and designed to meet the many demands of the luxury market.

Brightness, depth and fluidity are the keywords. The look of the showcased leathers refers to the chiaroscuro reverberations of the water, while the chosen nuances form different palettes based on the current trends. The delicate shades of poudre, lilac, pink and sky blue make up the sorbet palette protagonist of Spring Sorbet, the most delicate part of the collection. The freshness of the nuances gives the leather a pure identity, suitable for a demanding and refined customer.

Bright and decisive colours, on the other hand, feature in the Intense Vibration leathers’ set, where the nuances purple peony and fluorescent pink cater to even the most glamourous customers. The last set of leathers is an homage to ’70s and ’80s fashion. The weaves, textures and some of the colours of our SS2021 collection draw inspiration from the style of the period, focusing on the softness and silky texture of the leather.

From the greyish-blue dye of the dolphin hue to the periwinkle enriched by the iridescence of a pewter-like color, along with a classic black and a glitter that seems to recall distant galaxies, each Superior leather has a unique personality. But above all, each one is sustainably made, an aspect that is now more important than ever.