Superior sanitizes its premises for a safe reopening


With the current forced closure because of the Covid-19 emergency, our tannery decided to undergo a complete sanitization of its premises to ensure the workers’ safety at reopening.

Because of the Covid-19 emergency, Superior has temporarily stopped production as many others have in Italy. However, we did not stand still. Instead, we promptly acted upon the guidelines laid out in the D.L. 14 March 2020 concerning the safety of the working environment to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Our tannery proceeded to undergo a complete sanitization of its premises, and to purify the air through ozone sanitization, a natural protection, effective not only against viruses, but also against bacteria, spores and moulds.

The disinfection has been carried out with all the necessary precautions for the tanning sector, through the use of of medical-grade tools and products. In addition to manual labour, specific machinery has also been used, such as sprayers, floor sweepers and professional vacuum cleaners.

A necessary precaution for our community, hoping we can resume our luxury leather production in a safe environment for our employees and collaborators.