Our tannery and the traceability of bovine hides


Conceria Superior renews its certification that attests the commitment to greater traceability of its hides, in order to ensure the adequacy of raw materials, the quality of the farms from which they come and the transparency of the processing cycle.

In recent times, the traceability of bovine hides has become very important in the tanning industry. The objective is to put into practice a series of actions aimed at making the leather supply chain increasingly transparent, from the raw material to the finished product. In response to this need, our tannery has obtained ICEC certification for the traceability of bovine hides, which will be renewed for another year.
Even before leather traceability became an important requirement for tanneries, Superior had its own internal tracking system. Each batch of incoming leather was identified by a code created by our software that allowed tracking throughout the production process. Over the years, however, there has been a growing demand for even more details when it comes to hides, even before they enter our tannery. 
The certification that we have obtained and that we are about to renew attests to our ability to trace the chain of suppliers and retailers as far back as possible, up to the slaughterhouse and breeding. The urgency that animates such request is mainly ethical and social: the luxury fashion brands that work the leather care deeply about the welfare of the animals.
For all these reasons, being able to guarantee the origin of bovine hides has become an important part of our work today. Each step of the supply chain is no longer siloed, rather they’re all connected to another. This is an important commitment that Superior has decided to take on every day.