Call for proposal 2020: improving internal traceability


Superior and the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio are issuing a call for proposals on the traceability of hides inside Superior’s own tannery. The project will be part of the ’20 di innovazione’ initiatives and will be presented on December 5th, the 20th anniversary of the Polo.

Superior’s CEO Stefano Caponi, alongside Creative Director Massimiliano Schiavini and Head of Innovation Pietro Cirone, will take part in the celebrations on December 5th, a date that marks the Polo Tecnologico anniversary but also the presentation of the call for proposals. The call focuses on finding new technology capable to optimize the traceability of hides as they enter the tannery until they’re delivered to the customer. The call is just one of the many initiatives part of the 20 di Innovazione event promoted by the Polo Tecnologico. 

Stefano Caponi and Massimiliano Schiavini will take part in a panel at 4:30 pm titled “Present & Future: reinventing Made in Italy through innovation”, dedicated to the stories of entrepreneurs and founders from traditional sectors who have bet on innovation. Pietro Cirone, on the other hand, will speak at the final panel at 6:30 pm, “The challenges”, to present the basis and objectives of the call.

Our desire for constant improvement has led us to the decision of issuing this call. We also want to better cater to the customer’s needs and leather traceability is one of the most important aspects in the tanning industry today. The request we most often get is to be able to retrace the processing of raw materials from breeding to tannery, an aspect on which Superior has obtained an ICEC certification. However, it is also necessary to correctly monitor the movements of the hides within the factory.

A complex journey indeed, one in which the hides are moved on interchangeable pallets through different buildings and departments. The same customer order may consist of different items which, in turn, may involve hides from different batches. Today, our tannery is equipped with a system to monitor internal traceability, but we want to make it even more efficient. And opening the challenge to the best talents in tech is certainly the most interesting way to reach this goal for us.


Where and when 
Thursday, December 5, 2019 
3 – 7 pm 
Auditorium Polo Tecnologico 
Via Giuntini 13, Navacchio (Pi), Italy.

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