#SuperiorExperience, towards an eco-sustainable luxury

Il lusso sostenibile della conceria Superior in un unico evento

It has been just over two months since the dinner organised by Conceria superior for its customers and the press in Tuscany, the ideal occasion to talk about eco-sustanaibility.

June 29th 2018 was the day of #SuperiorExperience: the dinner that the Conceria Superior organized for the press and its main customers. The beautiful Tuscan hills and the whelming musical entertainment of Karima have made of #SuperiorExperience a moment of celebration and conviviality, but there was so much more to the evening. The eco-sustainability of our company and of the luxury tanning industry was the vital theme and the real protagonist of the event.

With #SuperiorExperience we have had the chance to share with the guests of the event the path taken by Superior to reach the ever-increasing eco-sustainable standards that we so much aim at. We have described the steps that have been taking so far and those planned for the future. The ethical responsibility to the world that surrounds us is something that our tannery has made the key point of our identity, as well as in production. Facing this new challenge with a “system ” approach has proven to be the right way.

And it is to pursue a systemic action that we have involved in the company business professionals able to identify the best paths to follow. Among these, Mr Carlo Trentin – who has intervened also during # SuperiorExperience – as a technical manager and supervisor of the projects between the company and the university. We have, in fact, some key close collaborations, such as with the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, to aid us towards a more sustainable production. Today, the Quality, Ethics, Environmental and Sustainability certifications are “only” a formal recognition of this commitment. A continuous heartfelt and shared commitment.

And the plans for the future? Who participated to #SuperiorExperience had a preview: a projection dedicated to the architectural project that will soon renew the headquarters of the Conceria Superior. The helm of the company remains unchanged: sustainable materials, attention to the environment, responsibility towards the community in which we live and work. The strength of luxury today passes also through these values. Because are our thoughts and lifestyles that will determine the fate of the entire planet.