Superior classic skins: for timeless bags and accessories


Superior high fashion tannery is specialized in the production of classic leather for bags and accessories. Its Lady Plongé, Extra, Lattea, Versus and Noblesse models are the result of long experience in the processing of calfskin, always keeping in mind the sustainability of the tanning process.

Classic skins are an evergreen: giving a reassuring image of elegance, perfection and cleanliness. As the years go by, trends change, but for a high fashion tannery such as Superior these classics could not be left out amongst its samples.

The calfskin, like the one used by Superior, is a natural fit to the purpose. If finished with the necessary care, it is ideal for obtaining a result without imperfections, an immaculate appearance and a softness to the touch that truly makes the difference. All qualities essential for classic leathers, leathers that cannot afford to have any of the “flaws” of a fashion collectionfor its more extreme and audacious nature.

Lady Plongé, Extra, Lattea , Versus and Noblesse are just some of the names of the classic leathers for bags and accessories that Conceria Superior has developed during the  years. What sets them apart from each other is their own technical features such as weight and grain, and other aspects related to the tanning processas a different finishing or milling process.

The differences in palpability and in the final appearance can be appreciated straight away, by touch and sight. A model like Extra, for example, has an opaquer effect than the Lattea model, which instead has a pearly effect. However, the use of the colors remains unchanged, which in our classic high-end leather resumes the nuances that never gets out of style. Among them: black, forever synonymous of class and elegance, and the whale shade, sober and refined.

All this, without forgetting the eco-sustainability of production. Behind the processing of our classic leather, in fact, there are studies and extensive research to limit the use of polluting products and reduce the impact of the production process on the environment. One aspect that, together with the extensive experience in the processing of complicated skin such as the calf one, increases the final quality of our products.