Superior fashion skins, the extreme side of high fashion


Superior high fashion leather includes a fashion collection that keeps up with the trend. The luminescence of gold, the sparkling effect of the micro-glitter, the contrasts of the color and depth: these are just some of our glamour ingredients, always combined with research into environmental sustainability.

Among the high fashion leathers presented by the Superior Tannery at the last Expo of the sector, there were all the glamorous proposals of the moment. Vitamin colors, bold contrasts, particular refined workmanship: the style of a fashion collection is always a result of the atmospheres and the taste that evolves with the trend.

For this reason, our most fashionable leathers have a series of elements that contextualize them in a precise historical moment. On one side there are evergreens that never go out of style, on the other, there are moods that change and that go along. An example is the street style, which has recently made its grand entrance in the looks of the fashion shows. A style that cannot leave indifferent the world of high fashion tanneries, and above all the Superior production .


Unlike the classic leathers of our collection, where harmony and perfection are a must, our fashion collection dares more. The leathers acquire a more “jammed” appearance. All those flaws of the skin eliminated in the classic production and any imperfection become an integral part of a lived look, of research, making the difference.

In our production fashion, such as in Cometa , for example, a suede effect with micro-glitter makes the calf leather shimmer like a galaxy, or Soleil , where the skin is enlivened by a craquelé print and shades. In addition to these, we want also to mention Camouflage, a leather hand-buffered, whose versions in chocolate, green and whale colors are also mentioned in the report of leather products of the latest Première Vision edition.

Color is another important element in defining the glamorous look of high fashion leathers and to give them a more daring touch. Our fashion collection includes calfskin with very accentuated depth, colors emphasized by the finishing process that gives a fluid, aqueous or mirrored effect to the surface depending on the need. The classic colors have not been abandoned, but are generally used in contrast with different shades . Thus, colors of impeccable elegance such as black, burgundy, dove or whale are emphasized thanks to the strong contrast with gold and silver nuances.

And the gold seems to be one of the protagonists of the trend, synonymous of opulence, brightness and extreme luxury. In fact, our golden calfskin leather is another of the most successful products in Première Vision and on the market.

In any case, as for the processing of the most classic leathers, our fashion collection is also extremely environment attentive . In fact, for the Superior Tannery , one of today’s challenges is to combine the eco-sustainability of the production to the quality of processed leathers. There is, therefore, a great deal of research behind the most daring hides aimed at obtaining the best result at the lowest possible environmental impact.

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