Première Vision 2018, a success for Superior and for the entire leather industry


This autumn edition of Première Vision, in Paris, ended with a positive balance for the leather sector. The passwords? Innovation, creativity and eco-sustainability. The same ones of which Superior is a testimonial.

The sustainable design stand of our Superior tannery at Première Vision (link article stand) has been able to summarize the most current and appreciated trends in the leather industry. At the end of the exhibition, the budget of the sector indicates the innovation, creativity and sustainability as the pillars for a successful production that is keeping pace with the times. The same, in fact, that are the basis of the activity of Superior.

The Leather Products Report of the exposition emphasized precisely the innovative characteristic of the exhibited collections, also citing two Superior products. Among the most particular articles, is featured our camouflage with hand-marble finish: a technique that makes leather almost impalpable, made in chocolate, green and whale shades. Then, among the most successful products, is also featured our calf leather with gold pleating: a solution that creates a rich, luminous and reflective surface.

The Leather Exhibition Report, on the other hand, highlighted how brands that produce leather accessories and clothing are today more and more aware of the real impact of their choices. This led, in general, to a greater ethical and ecological conscience in the treatment of leathers. More transparency, greater traceability of the product, reduction in consumption and the use of inadequate chemical agents: these are just some of the requirements that are often demanded in leather processing today. Requirements to which even our tannery is able to respond in a timely manner.

From our side, we can say that in the days of Première Vision we have welcomed numerous style offices at our stand. The Superior collection has been very much appreciated, both in her classic articles, updated with the latest seasonal colour trends, and in its most fashionable and glamorous variations. In fact, it is a success that makes us spokesperson to creativity and innovation, along with our solid path of research towards an eco-sustainable production.

Fotografie di Corinne Jamet